Tuesday, September 9, 2008

GU63 - GU 63 NFL Football

A lot of people are wondering what the GU63 patch is all about. You can see GU63 in the NFL stadiums and player uniforms. You can even see a GU63 armband on a player on each team from time to time.

To answer this question GU63 is a tribute to a great man, Gene Upshaw. Gene Upshaw passed away this year and the NFL wants to honor a man who has made a difference in the NFL. GU is Gene Upshaw and 63 stands for his jersey number when he still played on the NFL. That was years back before he helped a lot of NFL players.

Coincidentally, though I'm not sure about this. Gene Upshaw also passed away at the age of 63. This could mean that 63 can also stand for his age. RIP GU63

The whole American Football world will surely miss you. Again, RIP GU63..

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