Sunday, December 4, 2011

Pacquiao vs Mayweather Jr. will not be similar to Pacquiao vs. Marquez

Since Manny Pacquiao’s third controversial fight against Juan Manuel Marquez a few weeks ago, the media has been going wild. People are convinced that Pacquiao’s performance against Marquez is a tell of how he would most likely perform against Mayweather Jr. I clearly understand why boxing fans come to such notion, but in reality it’s a false perceptive. Folks out there assume that since Pacquiao had evident trouble with Marquez’s counter punching, he will also suffer a similar fate against Mayweather Jr. I think this will not be the case. The difference between Mayweather Jr. and Marquez, is that while Mayweather Jr. is an opportunist, punching whenever he feels and sees an opportunity to hit without being hit, Marquez is a volume counter puncher, hitting back no matter what the response might be. Pacquiao is defensively limited, thus was getting hit with most of Marquez’s counters. He is also like Marquez, wanting to throw higher volume. In essence, both Marquez and Pacquiao like to let their hands go; Pacquiao more aggressive and Marquez more defensive. Mayweather’s volume will likely come short, and will not work in the same fashion as Marquez’s. Mayweather will have to look for opportunities, and there won’t be too many of them. One thing both Mayweather Jr. and Pacquiao can do well, is move on their feet. This attribute alone will cut out a significant number of landed shots, possibly making it a more boring fight than some expect it to be. By this I am in no way implying that Marquez has bad footwork, he simply didn’t need to use most of it when fighting Pacquiao. In my personal opinion, Mayweather Jr. will win his fight against Pacquiao, via a UD taking most if not all of the rounds. Still, the fight will not look similar in any way to that of Pacquaio’s fight against Marquez. Pacquiao will be hitting his opponent much less, vice versa. But in reality, only one way to fine out…

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