Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Pacquiao VS Diaz Keyword Optimizers

10 more days before the Pacquiao VS Diaz Showdown dubbed The Lethal Combination. This new blog of mine is ranking well on long-tail keywords and I am very happy about it. Other Filipino bloggers who are also ranking well are.

Pacquiao VS Diaz at RomeUy.com by Rome Uy

I hope I get a lot of traffic and in the same time earn more from my adsense. Wish everyone luck too with their posts. :) Make Money Online with Pacquiao VS Diaz Result Video Stream Watch Free.


  1. Thanks for the link my friend.. I did not know that my post is ranking well and it is on the first page..

    Good luck to all of us..

    Dexter | Techathand.net

  2. NIce site bro. Goodluck to you! By the way, do you have your own domain blog?